2017 Veteran Humanitarian Health Sponsorship Program

2017 Veteran Humanitarian Health Sponsorship Program

Veterans healthcare is in crisis around the country. Veterans must contend with ever-tightening resources in their struggle to maintain health and combat illness. Alternative treatments to veteran health care issues need to be explored. Effective healthcare demands wise leadership; leaders who understand the root causes of ill health, recognize effective interventions, and possess the diplomatic skills necessary to implement progress.  The practitioners at Integrative Family Wellness Center provide effective healthcare and are considered experts in the field of integrative medicine.  As we have been serving patients for many years, we want to give back to those who made that possible by ensuring our freedom.  IFWC wants to increase access to integrative medical healthcare for veterans facing economic challenges, so we are launching our 2017 Veteran Humanitarian Health Scholarship Program.  This program provides financial assistance for services provided at IFWC to scholarship recipients.

Ideal candidates for the scholarship program will be veterans with service connected disabilities.  They should be individuals committed to their health; who want to get better.

Interested people will be required to submit a scholarship application essay describing why they should be chosen.  An advisory committee will review applications.  Scholarship recipients will be chosen on a case-to-case basis.


– Families who may not be able to afford Naturopathic medicine with discernible health conditions that can be addressed through integrative medicine.

– Although this is a scholarship program, the applicant(s) are required to invest in care after their scholarship funds have been used up. Long term wellness is the goal.

– Applicants must be open to setting wellness goals and tracking progress to gauge program success (Weight loss, blood pressure, BMI, etc).

– Applicants selected will be asked to provide applicable VA records to help chart a course to wellness.

– Can apply for the scholarship only ONE TIME during a 12 month period.

– Recipients will be awarded a determined financial credit for no less than $1000.00 to be used for healthcare services at IFWC.

– Services will be determined by their health care coordinator-Dr. Nickels.  Recipients will also get 25% off their supplements purchased from IFWC.

-Transportation to IFW Center is the responsibility of scholarship recipient.

– Consult IFWcenter.com for services offered.

– Deadline for applications is April 30th, 2017


Scholarship Essay Criteria:

All Applications will be in essay format not to exceed 500 words.

A follow up interview will be conducted via phone or in person to select the final winner or winners.

There may be more than one winner solely at the discretion of the selection committee.

Applications will be mailed to:

Integrative Family Wellness Center

Attn: 2017 Veteran Health Sponsorship

16535 W Bluemound Rd Suite 222

Brookfield Wi 53005