A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster. At times you’re riding on the top of the world looking around and watching all the people, what they are doing, and wondering if they are as happy as you are. Other times it’s like you’re riding on an out of control downward spiral. Your health and well-being are threatened by all manner of external factors. You might be ill, you might be in a stressful job situation, maybe you had a slight injury which is causing you pain, your relationship with your spouse or family member could be going through a rocky time, and your inner spirit is weakened. All of these things can accumulate and compound into what some people simply refer to as “being in a slump.”

Most people believe that wellness is a focus on aspects of physical health such as diet and exercise. These are definitely important factors, however, a holistic approach to wellness also includes the body, the mind and the spirit. Wellness as a state of health involves many dimensions that make up your whole person.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

Dr. Bill Hettler, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati – College of Medicine and co-founder of the National Wellness Institute is credited with developing an interdependent, holistic or whole-person wellness model as an approach to healthy living. This Six Dimensions of Wellness model emphasizes that teaching people how to live and influencing healthy life choices would have much greater impact on survival than anything physicians are likely to accomplish.

  • Physical – taking action to maintain health
  • Social – connecting and interacting
  • Intellectual – stimulating mind and mental capacity
  • Spiritual – seeking spiritual centered beliefs
  • Emotional – feelings, managing stress, transitioning
  • Occupational – contributing, using skills/abilities

Today’s health education focuses primarily on the physical aspects alone. Many well-intended people


may inadvertently focus on biological parameters to gauge the well-being of individuals and overlook the holistic aspect or approach. Lifestyle choices and taking personal responsibility for wellness decisions have a guiding influence in the quality of our lives. Using anything less limits options for optimizing health and wellness.

If you could choose to enjoy better health, would you be interested? Do increased energy, greater enthusiasm, and an enhanced sense of well-being appeal to you? How about a greater sense of joy?

The good news is, these things are possible for you. Within yourself, you have the power needed to create wellness in your life. It’s your choice. The family physicians at Integrative Family Wellness Center care for patients in many different areas that are underserved by other medical providers. Whether your concern is one or more of the six dimensions of wellness, the team at IFWC can be your first step in helping you get your life back in balance. Give us a call today and set up an appointment.