Experience the Photon Genius

Integrative Family Wellness Center is pleased to introduce an addition to their growing energy technology practice – the Photon Genius.

Photon Genius Health Benefits

The Genius inhibits the growth of cancer cells and dramatically reduces pain associated with cancer.

The Genius is a critical piece of ammunition in strengthening the body’s ability to combat immune system dysfunction. With heat, infrared energy and the bio-oxidative effects of ozone & nitric oxide, the Photon Genius powerfully and quickly improves immune response while reducing inflammation.

The Genius burns up to 700 calories per 30-40 minute session promoting weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate. It improves cardiovascular conditioning and allows cardiovascular workout for those who might not otherwise be able to exercise. It also provides full spectrum infrared energy which has been shown to significantly reduce cellulite and dramatically improve and revitalize skin.

Using the Genius produces potent antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers helping to regulate muscle tone of arteries and may prevent arteriosclerosis. It is also anti-inflammatory and may prevent injury to vessel walls, normalizing blood pressure in the process.

For more clinical health benefits and beneficial uses for the Photon Genius please contact Susan Rohr, BSN, RN, Advanced Certified Ondamed Practitioner.