Jen McCommons

Jen McCommons


Physicians Assistant with Longstanding Reputation for Excellence in Medicine

Jen attended Midwestern University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 1997. She spent the next 13 years working as a highly regarded P.A. in emergency medicine.

Jen has also worked in neurosurgery alongside some of Milwaukee’s top surgeons. Her reputation for excellence in medicine led to further opportunities in family practice and internal medicine.

Bringing Experience and a Passion for Wellness to IFWC

In August of 2011, Jen was asked to join the Knee Specialists of Wisconsin—a new practice specializing in non-surgical treatment of knee arthritis and physical therapy rehabilitation. Working at a new and fast growing practice allowed Jen to demonstrate her extraordinary skills as a physician assistant, staff leader, and marketing representative.

Today, Jen is delighted to be with Integrative Family Wellness Center. As a patient, you’ll benefit from her excellent care, warm smile, and outgoing personality. Jen has a genuine heartfelt connection with each of her patients, which is evident throughout every aspect of her practice.

Jen believes that life-long health and happiness comes from keeping your body, mind, and spirit in positive alignment.